Aug 01, 2008

Retire Happy: It Ain't Only Money

Welcome to Retire Happy, Nolo's retirement planning blog. In this blog, we'll discuss the best strategies people in mid-life can adopt to prepare for a fulfilling retirement. We do this in large part by drawing on the lessons of highly successful retirees who almost universally agree that many factors -- in addition to a large financial nest egg -- are predictive of a successful retirement.

The premise of this blog is simple: popular advice that says you'll need to save mega bucks to avoid spending your retirement eating cat food is hugely exaggerated. Indeed, for most Americans, solvency will not be the biggest problem of their retirement years. Instead of spending your middle years working long hours to accumulate a huge nest egg, you would do better to focus on the things that will truly make your later years more enjoyable and fulfilling: your health, spiritual life, relationships with friends and family, and creating a full plate of interesting things to do.

No question, putting aside an adequate financial reserve is also important. But, in contrast to most retirement advice you'll receive elsewhere, we firmly believe that it's not all-important. Indeed, it is the thesis of this blog that over-concentrating on working and saving in the decades before you retire -- as opposed to living a full life -- will actually be counterproductive to achieving a fulfilling retirement. So stay with us and learn more about how to Retire Happy.